A Biblical Guide for Courageous Change

Welcome to your "Biblical Guide for Courageous Change," designed to help you embark on a journey of transformation rooted in scripture. Just as military leaders envision a clear end state, this guide will empower you to envision and actualize godly change in your life, family, and community. Our mission is to equip you with the tools, encouragement, and insights vital for your walk with Christ amidst the challenges of the secular world. We hope you'll make time to dig into this resource and that it will support you as you grow in your faith.

What You'll Find Inside:

Scripture for Reflection

Reflect upon scripture and be guided as you “put off your old self” and embrace a life of righteousness and holiness as a courageous Christian.

Strategies for Stronger Relationships

Discover actionable steps you can take for a strengthened marital connection and to foster faith and integrity in your children. Cultivate relationships that are resilient, nurturing, and rooted in God's love.

Leadership and Service in Action

Gain insights on how to make meaningful contributions to your church and community. Learn how to utilize your talents and resources effectively to lead and serve in the modern world.

Personal and Professional Integrity

Find balance between ambition and faith. Set goals that align your career with your Christian values, ensuring your professional life complements your spiritual calling and contributes to God's kingdom.

Take the Next Step Towards Godly Leadership

Consider your end goals for your faith, family, community, and career. Reflect, plan, and pledge to actions that align with your God-driven aspirations.

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