The abundant life promised by our faith – the peace, joy, and beauty of Christ, the loving comfort He offers in struggle, and the deep sense of purpose He gives our days – can only begin when we consider carefully what Jesus means to us. Christianity is not Burger King. We can’t have it our way though many may try. Jesus is not an ATM for withdrawals in tough times. Our reflections must be humble and honest, based on the Truth of God’s Word, and a spur to intentional action.

If you ever wanted to be an action hero, Christianity is the place for you and now is the time. In his commentary on Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, William Barclay put it like this, “Christianity is not an emotional experience; it is a way of life. Christians are not meant to wallow in an experience, however wonderful; they are meant to go out and live a certain kind of life that faces the world’s attacks and problems head-on. It is common in the world of religious life to sit in church and feel a wave of feeling sweep over us….That emotion must be translated into action.”

The right reflection, the right emotion, the right resolve, and the right action begin when we think honestly about who Jesus really is, about why He had to die for our sins, and about what His resurrection truly means for our lives. So, let me ask in all humility, “Who is Jesus to you?”

From all of us at Courageous Christianity, we wish you a joyous and reflective Easter.

God bless and semper fi,