Without a doubt, the greater the sacrifice, the greater the “dearness” and the “value.” Many today esteem this nation too lightly. Many today esteem our faith too lightly. In this age of entitlement, we tend to think more about what we deserve than what we can contribute. And yet it is our contribution, our small sacrifices of time, energy, and money, that remind us of the value of our national and spiritual inheritance.

After returning from one of my deployments to Afghanistan, I was in a “frustrated” place. In my distress, God spoke to me quite plainly. He said, “Concern yourself with the needs of others and your needs will be met.” Those words lifted me up and reversed what was a descending spiral. Whatever the political, economic, or cultural circumstances, I know the same will be true for our nation as those of us who truly “esteem” our many blessings recommit ourselves to the many unique ways we can contribute.

I pray the observances of this month lead us all into renewed service to our communities, our churches, and this nation. May we be encouraged and determined in all of our opportunities.

God bless and semper fi,