Continued… This month at Courageous Christianity, we’re giving thanks as we celebrate our 200th episode. I’m reminded that on December 31st, 2019, with no plans for a radio show, I prayed that in the coming year, God would use me for His purposes. I did not know how that would look, I just wanted to devote my life to serving Him.

    Through an amazing series of events, two weeks later, I signed a one year contract with the Salem Media Group to do a radio show and podcast. I had recently been a guest on Christy’s radio show and I asked her to help me prepare for the first episode. After doing the ‘demo’ together, we realized that we were meant to continue as host and ‘wingman.’ Almost two years later, we were married.

    Since the show began, four years have passed. Thankfully, our efforts continue to revolve around you and our God-given mission to support you on the relentless spiritual battlefield of this world with conversations, insights, and teachings about ‘real faith for the real world.’ We are honored by and deeply committed to this purpose.

    As we prepare to enter our fifth year, there is obviously much work for Courageous Christians. The enemy has come out into the open and we must do the same.

    We must protect our faith and our families with intention and resolve. We must stand with Israel as our nation and the world shows exactly how antisemitic they are. We must prepare for and vote in the upcoming, critical elections. We must exercise cultural influence to turn back the circus parade of progressive/woke thinking. We must use our economic influence to resist the efforts of corporations to reshape American cultural norms. And we must speak our faith into our education and justice systems.

    Friends, the time for Courageous Christianity is upon us. We must stop hoping that someone else will fix what ails our families, our towns, our nation, and this world. The direction of events is up to us.

    We pray that you will continue to read your Bible, to pray, to participate in church, to engage in the community, and to vote. Thank you for the last four years. And thank you for your continuing financial support.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Rich Mendelow