Rising with Christ: Reflections on the Resurrection

This Easter, step into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the true meaning of Easter. This “Rising with Christ” worksheet is not just another Easter activity; it’s a powerful tool designed to guide you through the truths of the resurrection.

Why Download?

Forge a Stronger Faith

Solidify the foundations of your belief as you explore the significance of Christ's resurrection.

Find Renewed Purpose

Reconnect with your calling as a Christian man in today's world and be equipped to face each day with conviction.

Scriptural Deep Dives

Unpack pivotal scripture that captures the essence of Easter, offering insights and reflections to fuel your Christian walk.

Lead with Confidence

Gain the spiritual tools and understanding necessary to lead your family and community with the boldness of a courageous Christian.

Who This Worksheet is For

This “Rising with Christ” worksheet is for any man who seeks to stand firmer, reach higher, and grow stronger in his faith, embodying the victory of the resurrection in his daily life. Whether you’re a new believer looking for direction, a long-time Christian seeking to rekindle your faith, or a community leader searching for resources to shepherd your flock, this worksheet is a tool that can help you. It’s for fathers, brothers, and sons who desire to develop a deeper connection with the Risen Christ and to display the courage of their convictions in every aspect of life. If you yearn to not only understand the story of Easter but to live out its transformative power, then this worksheet is for you.

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Don’t let this Easter pass by as just another holiday. Take this opportunity to reconnect with its true meaning and emerge with renewed strength, equipped and ready for the mission God has set before you.