On the show, I often say that the only behavior we control is our own. For this reason, before we look outside, we must look inside. In this series, we mainly focus on what Christian Americans and local churches are doing and not doing. I believe indifference, biblical illiteracy, and the desire for comfort are the greatest threats to America because that is how the very real external threats have gained such a treacherous and evolving foothold. You promote what you permit and Christian Americans and the Church have permitted a lot.

During the course of this series, The Honorable Michele Bachmann, former Congresswoman, member of the House Intelligence Committee, candidate for President, and now Dean of the Regent University School of Government speaks to biblical illiteracy and the growth of antisemitism. Christy and I speak to the meaning of American Independence, biblical freedom, and the choices we make. Ed Rush, best-selling author, public speaker, and former Marine F-18 pilot speaks to our personal relationship with God and the need for us to look to Him first and in all things. In late July and early August, we will speak to biblical family, biblical economics, and the way Hungary defended itself from the communists and the woke agenda with a special guest, Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell, author of “Last Warning to the West.”

As you may have noticed, the focus of these shows is on what you and I can do to defend our faith and our nation. We could spend more time admiring the schemes of the enemy, but plenty of people do that. We can all agree that America and Christian Americans have very real enemies. But it is our individual and collective weakness which has emboldened the internal and external adversaries of faith, freedom, democracy, prosperity, unity, and hard work and so we should start there.

Without a doubt, our spiritual, social, and political apathy and timidity have brought us to a dark place. It’s time to stand firm in some ways and to lean forward in others. It’s time to fill the leadership vacuum left by Christian Americans and the Church. I hope you’ll join us for the series.

God bless and semper fi,