Continued… I didn’t rant. I didn’t rage. I didn’t get political. At Courageous Christianity, we don’t do that. Instead, I got biblical, using scripture to talk about the importance of a biblical worldview, to connect our efforts with the prestigious Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and to engage our listeners about “real faith for the real world.”

Yesterday, I received a text from a friend detailing an impact of those efforts. He said that he forwarded my article to a bunch of friends and acquaintances and that it resonated so significantly that it prompted a very productive, 45-minute group discussion at a local Jiu Jitsu school after practice.

I am so encouraged to think of a group of men – husbands, fathers, and brothers –connecting in discussion about their faith, about how the Bible guides it, and about how they can better stand firm as Christian leaders. This text offered an amazing validation of the Courageous Christianity ministry. I have faith that his was one of many such stories.

A link to the article and the show are included in the newsletter. I hope you’ll find them thought provoking and challenging. If you do, I hope you’ll consider supporting our efforts with a tax-deductible contribution.

This isn’t the last attack on God, His Truth, His people, or this nation. When the next one comes, I hope we’ll be more equipped to stand firm in faith for God and for our families. And I hope you’ll be able to say that you contributed decisively.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Rich Mendelow