Media Release

By accepting an invitation to appear as a guest on “Courageous Christianity with Richard Mendelow,” I hereby grant express permission to Courageous Christianity, hereinafter referred to as the “Media,” to utilize my image (including photographs and/or video footage) for the following purposes:

• Videos
• Social Media Posts
• Email Newsletters
• Brochures
• Newsletters
• Magazines
• General Publications
• Websites and/or Affiliated Platforms
• Any Other Media Outlets

I waive any right to inspect or approve the final photographs or electronic materials used in connection with them, both presently and in the future, regardless of my knowledge of such use. Furthermore, I relinquish any claim to royalties or compensation arising from or related to the utilization of my image.

By accepting this release, I affirm that I am 18 years of age or older and legally competent to enter into this contract. I have carefully reviewed this release, comprehending its contents, significance, and implications. I acknowledge that I may seek clarification on any specific queries related to this release by submitting them in writing before acceptance. Failure to do so will be construed as a voluntary and informed acceptance of the terms outlined in this release.