Profiles in Courage

I met this angel at the airport today. Her name is Ms. DeAnn Plummer. She was loving and kind to everyone. She told me how she had been living on the street a year ago and how she is just so grateful to Jesus for everything. God bless her courageous and faithful heart.

Talking to strangers Rich?

I couldn’t help it. God’s light was shining through her. I asked her if she read a lot and if I could give her a book. She said yes to both. She said when she was homeless, she would hang out in the library. I will go back and look for her from time to time. The strange thing is, I ate before I came to the airport and wasn’t even hungry. Then suddenly I had a massive craving for barbecue. DeAnn was at the barbecue place. God wanted me to meet her… a profile of courage.

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