Christianity At War

Christianity And Parenting – Katy Christian Magazine Cover Photo: Marine Colonel Richard “Bucky” Mendelow Preparing For War It was a Friday in August 1994. It was hot. Coastal North Carolina is hot. I was flying carrier-based attack jets while assigned to a tactical electronic warfare squadron based at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. In […]

Christianity And Parenting – Katy Christian Magazine

Christianity And Parenting – Katy Christian Magazine You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently decided that men can breastfeed babies. According to the CDC, men can take powerful drugs, lactate, and “chest feed.” This is the same agency that warns women not to smoke while breastfeeding. […]

Is Anything Good Anymore?

Is Anything Good Anymore? SEEKING SIMPLICITY IN A COMPLEX WORLD Are you as frustrated as I am? Are you tired of identity politics, cancel culture, and divisive opinions? Do you want things to be uncomplicated, and truthful, and peaceful? If you believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and if you believe that in […]

Courageous Christianity

Courageous Christianity THE INTERSECTION OF FAITH AND THE WORLD Have you ever asked: “What is the right thing to do in this situation?” Or, “What is the loving thing to do in this situation?” Have you ever wondered, “Does God have a reason for this?” or, “Did God plan this meeting?” or, “Am I allowing […]

Choose Your Best Self

Choose Your Best Self WHO ARE YOU? Have you done things you regret? As I asked that question, did some upsetting, embarrassing, or sinful moment pop into your head? If so, I get it completely. I’ve made many mistakes. Sometimes, people ask, “Who are you?” You may feel differently, but to me, it’s a weird […]

Profiles in Courage

Profiles in Courage I met this angel at the airport today. Her name is Ms. DeAnn Plummer. She was loving and kind to everyone. She told me how she had been living on the street a year ago and how she is just so grateful to Jesus for everything. God bless her courageous and faithful […]

Christ The Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer Meet José Umana, an airline pilot who is devoted to Jesus and to his family. José is pictured holding his copy of “Right Makes Might: 40 Days To Courageous Christianity”. He is a courageous Christian in every sense and his faith infuses all aspects of his secular life. José’s joy in Jesus […]